KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe | Conference

Seamless multi-cluster communication and observability with Linkerd

Cloud Native DevX Day NA | Conference

A cloud native foundation for developer/application platforms

Cloud Native DevX Day North America 2021: A Cloud Native Foundation For Developer/...
View more about this event at Cloud Native DevX Day North America 2021

DevOpsStars'21 | Conference

Do's and don'ts in building Cloud Native Platforms

Code Republic Lunch + Learn | Meetup

Breaking DevOps - Slides

Developer Week | Conference

Application Delivery to Kubernetes - a 101 to a fast-evolving ecosystem

IT Security Summit - MLC | Conference

Kubernetes natives Policy Management mit Kyverno

Kubernetes natives Policy Management mit Kyverno - IT Security Summit
Mit der zukünftigen Abkündigung der Pod Security Policies (PSP) auf Kubernetes und dem stetig wachsenden Portfolio an Cloud nativen Services rund um Kubernetes, wächst die Bedeutung und Relevanz von Policy Management Systemen wie dem Open Policy Agent (OPA) oder Kyverno drastisch. In dieser Session …

DevOps Con Munich | Conference

A universal cloud API with Crossplane

A universal cloud API with Crossplane - DevOps Conference
Development teams and their applications require services like databases, caches, or other advanced managed services. Providing these services in a secure and reliable way is essential for application teams to deliver business value. In the worst case, this needs to be implemented for multiple cloud…

DevOps Con London | Conference

Multi-Cluster Communication with Linkerd

Multi-Cluster Communication with Linkerd - DevOps Conference
The Conference for Continuous Delivery, Microservices, Containers, Clouds and Lean Business

VMWorld | Conference

The  Art of Platform Engineering - 6 Do's and Don'ts

World Class Business Leaders | Conference

How Cloud Native Technologies Transforms Teams


Cloud Native Virtual Summit  | Conference

Progressive Delivery with Flux and Flagger - Slides

Container Camp | Conference

How to get started with Operators for Kubernetes - Slides

Reply Xchange | Exhibition

Kubernetes on Edge, building an Edge Cloud for Gigabit internet access


CodeDays/OOP | Conference

Serverless - weniger ist mehr, der Weg zur moderneren Architektur? - Slides - (Serverless - less is more, the way to a more modern architecture?)

Reply Xchange | Exhibition

Building a Kubernetes cluster on AWS  for millions of connected cars and devices

Reply Xchange | Exhibition

Show me how - Build an AWS EKS Kubernetes Cluster

Hannover Messe - AWS Booth | Exhibition

Building the IoTs backend - A highly dynamic infrastructure for millions of connected cars

Kubernetes & Cloud Native | Meetup

Kontemplate the simpler yet powerful Helm alternative?

IHK Cloud im Mittelstand | Event

Mit der Cloud Adoption zu neuen Produkten und Geschäftsmodellen (With cloud adoption to new products and business models)

SRE Republic | Meetup

Kubernetes with confidence for millions of connected devices


Code Motion Berlin | Conference

AWS EKS and beyond - master your Kubernetes deplyoment at AWS - Slides

Frontend Developers | Meetup

AWS Amplify - JavaScript library to utilize AWS as a Backend as a Service