Max Körbächer

Kubernetes Advocate

Manager Cloud Native Engineering


Consultant & Mentor

At day I build cloud native solutions on/with Kubernetes and Amazon Web Services (AWS), from the solution architecture of a system to the infrastructure of the platform. At night I support open source projects where possible, currently as part of the Kubernetes Release Team, sometimes writing blogs and give talks about the cloud native and open source universe.

  • Age: 29
  • Residence: Europe, Germany
  • City: Munich
  • Languages: German, English, Ukrainian
What I Do
& Automation

I spend my past years working with Kubernetes, designing and implementing cloud native applications on it and solve the automation puzzle games to bringt all components delivered for it.

Enterprise Architecture
& Breaking Legacy Processes

Enterpruse Architecture the "ivory tower approach" is out-dated, I believe in communities and the knowledge of the crowd. EAs mission is to enable technology & application architectural discussions and bring them to reusable results.

Cloud Native Solutions
& Architecture

Platform independent, scaleable and continously evolving solutions are challenging in design and implementation. I love this kind of challanges!

& Talks

Sharing things I think could be interesting like tools, technologies, books or methodologies. Also like to talk about recent observations and experiences made through various projects.

Open Organization
& Entrepreneurship

Most company structure doesn’t fit to the way work is getting done today. The idea of open organization is an organizational approach we should strive for.

Open Source Projects
& Contribution

Open Source contribution is in my opinion the best way to challenge your knowledge and extend your comfort zone. You not only give your time to create something with many, you also learn a lot about distributed development, best practices in automation and collaboration.

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